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Get a collaboration with experienced state authorized public accountants

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Hallerup & Co.
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A company with perspective and roots that goes back to the start of 1920

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Hallerup & Co.
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A sister company with a dream of being 100% digital

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HallerupNet ApS

Hallerup & Co.

Hallerup & Co. was established in 1997.

The roots of the company actually goes back to the start of 1920.

We therefore have a long history og very experienced employees.

With our many years of experience, you will get a minor state authorized public accountant company, that you can count on.

We have a variety of services and we perform accounting and revision for companies throughout Denmark, but primarily in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

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HallerupNet ApS

HallerupNet was established in 1999 of state authorized public accountant Jan Hallerup.

The dream of HallerupNet is to make every voucher electronic and by that making accounting more automated and effectively.

We offer an efficient solution that no one can compete with, with e-Regnskab.

As follows we can offer an acute price by up to 50% savings of your costs today.

Our development of e-regnskab never stops and we have many plans for the future!

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We offer services, which minor, medium sized and public companies need.

We are already serving a great selection of minor and medium sized companies within service, crafts, trading, investment and financial companies.

  • We offer anything from accounting, annual accounts and accounting to counseling such as tax advice.
  • Our goal is not to be the cheapest accountancy company, but to make our customers feel that they are receiving value for our fee.
  • Quality is a keyword in our daily work and we strike towards our customers getting in contact with the same employee throughout the collaboration, in a way that the customer gets a personal contact to us.


If you are in doubt about anything you are welcome to contact one of our employees, you find our employees at contact.

Otherwise you have the opportunity to call us on our main phone number: 32 96 29 00

We will gladly arrange a non-binding meeting, to see if we can help with your accounting and possibly start up a cooperation.

MGI Worldwide

If our customers need any help or assistance outside the borders, we have colleagues in 76 countries, which is represented in 260 cities around the world.

We participate in multiple MGI Worldwide's meetings yearly, to maintain our network.